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The Trinidad & Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce promotes the area as an outstanding place to visit, live, and conduct business.


The Chamber of Commerce was established to develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, professional, financial and general welfare of the community and its residents; to promote the City of Trinidad and the County of Las Animas in the areas of tourism, economic development, and the retail sector; to promote community relations and programs of civic nature for the betterment of the community; to inform the public of local, state and national matters of interest or value to them; and to foster strong community spirit and mutually cooperative atmosphere in which to live and conduct business.


Located near the southern border of Colorado, this Chamber of Commerce has been serving the community for 133 years.  The unsurpassed beauty of the area, with the delicate balance of mountains and plains continues to bring many people to this little piece of paradise.

Our Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest continuous organizations in the State of Colorado.  Throughout the past century as the region has developed in the areas of commerce and trade, the Chamber has been a leader in the community.  Our organization has continuously risen to the challenge of providing the services that best defined the needs of the community at the time.  In recent decades, the Chamber has been a leader in the areas of economic development, business incubation, tourism, relocation and the planning and implementation of large scale events.  The Chamber has served as the hub for social, economic and cultural activities.  We have housed the Las Animas County Film Commission and the Santa Fe Trail Byway Association and even served the community by incubating a minor league baseball team, the Trinidad Triggers.

With the onset of the global economic crisis in recent years, the Chamber of Commerce has reached a critical juncture.  We feel it is the perfect time to reestablish our role in the community and redefine the services necessary to support our local businesses.  Community development is important now and it is increasingly necessary to develop services that enhance and encourage economic vitality, business viability and sustainable commerce.  With this in mind, the Board of the Trinidad and Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce has adopted the following three year plan which we feel will bring vital services and essential support to our members and to the entire business community located throughout Las Animas County.

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